A Healthy Food Revolution – Part 3

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The W.H.O.L.E. Gang’s 30 Days to a Food Revolution has finally hit Day 30. It has been a really fun, educational, and inspiring series of posts. If you missed the beginning, check out the first 15 recipes and tips on my first post introducing the series. Below are the remaining 15 recipes and tips that completed the 30 Days. I even contributed my own guest post with time-saving tips and recipe on Day 28. I hope you enjoyed the series as much as I did. Thanks to Jamie Oliver and Diane for reminding us that good food choices lead to happier, healthier lives.

Day 16Simply…Gluten-Free

Recipe: Gluten-free Chicken Piccata

Tip: Remove, Restore, Reinvent!

Day 17Lexie’s Kitchen

Alexa’s Recipe: Chicken Long Rice

Alexa’s Tip: Set aside one hour for a Pantry Purge Event

Day 18Food Blogga

Susan’s Recipe: Lemony Pasta with Fresh Peas, Ricotta, and Mint

Susan’s Tip: Make the Most Out of Your Next Farmers’ Market Trip

Day 19What’s Cooking

Michelle’s Recipe: Smashed Tomato and Basil Bruschetta and Pear, Honey and Quark Bruschetta

Michelle’s Tip: Cooking with Kids, a Grassroots Strategy for a Food Revolution

Day 20Cook 4 Seasons

Karen’s recipe-  Curried Cauliflower

Karen’s tip- How to bring more locally grown food into your lives

Day 21Gluten-Free Gidget

Katrina’s Recipe: Spicy Kale Salad

Katrina’s Tip:  Eat in season no matter where you live

Day 22Gluten Free Fitness

Erin’s Not Really A Recipe: Egg Bake Casserole

Erin’s Tip: Remember that Food is Your Fuel

Day 23Tasty Eats at Home

Alta’s Recipe: Quinoa Salad with Spinach, Raisins and Walnuts

Alta’s Tip: Get Creative!

Day 24Gluten Free Doctor

Jean’s Recipe:  gluten free granola bars and homemade organic beef jerky

Jean’s Tip:  How to eat real food when you travel

Day 25Ginger Lemon Girl

Carrie’s Recipe: Fresh Marinara Sauce with Meatballs

Carrie’s Tip: Eat foods that are fresh, natural, (and organic if possible), no matter what your dietary limitations are.

Day 26Simply Sugar & Gluten Free

Amy’s Recipe:  Apple & Carrot Breakfast Cake

Amy’s Tip: Progress, Not Perfection

Day 27The Daily Dietribe

Iris’s Recipe: Tuna Burgers

Iris’s Tip: Double your recipes and freeze the leftovers.

Day 28Celiac Family

Heather’s Recipe: Time-Saving Chicken Kabobs

Heather’s Tip: Finding time for making a healthy meal.

Day 29Andrea’s Recipes

Andrea’s Recipe: French Green Beans with Prosciutto and Pine Nuts

Andrea’s Tip: Grow Your Own

Day 30London Foodie NY

Anna’s Recipe: Crispy crunchy, full of nuts granola bars

Anna’s Tip: Cut back on sugar where you can.

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