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Gluten-Free Turkey

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[2013 Update: For an updated list of gluten-free turkeys, check out Gluten-Free Turkey — Menu Plan Nov. 25.]

If you are new to the gluten-free diet, you may not realize that there could be gluten in the frozen turkeys at the grocery store. It is not always clearly marked. I looked at one this week that said it had turkey broth in it. I didn’t do any further research into it, but I’m guessing it had gluten in it. So I passed it up and went for the turkey that clearly said it was gluten-free on the label.

You may want to try a fresh turkey with no additives, but I went with a frozen bird this year. I don’t remember the reasoning, but after doing a little research last year, I took Alton Brown’s advice for a frozen turkey. We used his recipe for Good Eats Roast Turkey last time. It was really good, so we’ll probably use it again.

IMG_4788xSo what frozen turkeys can you buy? You can find a great list of companies that provide gluten-free turkeys at Harris Whole Health. I bought a Shady Brook Farms turkey this year. I decided on the inexpensive (47¢ a lb., on special) option, since I was buying a 20 lb. turkey. When I told my mom I had bought a 20-pound turkey, she was concerned that my roasting pan wouldn’t be big enough. So, I got it out to try it. Well Mom, remember that nice Calphalon Roasting Pan with Rack you bought me a couple years ago? It works great. Thanks!

Butterball turkeys are also gluten-free. Tiffany at Triumph Dining posted a great article about gluten-free turkeys. She confirmed with Butterball that their turkeys are still gluten-free, and found out that their gravy packets are now gluten-free, too! Read her complete post and other Thanksgiving posts at the Triumph Dining Blog.

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Packing Up Food to Go

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If you’ve already taken the plunge into the gluten-free lifestyle, you know that sometimes you just have to take food with you. If you’ve got young kids on a special diet, here are a couple products you should consider purchasing:

319nbppvm9l_sl160_When I bought these Sassy plates almost five years ago, I never imagined I would still be using them. We have really gotten good use out of these. I originally bought a set of these before my son was diagnosed with Celiac disease, just for feeding him at home. Once my son was diagnosed, it became even more useful. It worked great for bringing gluten-free food to parties or restaurants where I didn’t know if they would have food acceptable for my toddler.  After my daughter started eating solid foods, I bought another set because we seemed to use them so frequently.

I’ve also used them for…

  • storing leftovers in the refrigerator.
  • having meals ready in the refrigerator for babysitters to serve the kids.
  • re-heating leftovers in the microwave.
  • taking GF pizza to birthday parties.
  • taking GF pancakes to school for Pancake Day.
  • packing food for sleepovers.

Each set comes with two plates, two divided plates, and two lids. The lids fit on both styles of plates and snap on securely. The lids do keep the food in the divided sections in place, however it isn’t water tight. So, I wouldn’t try putting foods with juices in them unless the plates are going to lay flat. They are microwave and dishwasher safe. Unlike some other plastic plates I have, these have never warped in our dishwasher even on the bottom rack with heated drying cycle.

Adults could use these, too, but they are a little small (about 7 1/2″ diameter) and come in bright colors. I don’t know how many more years I can use these before my kids think they are too juvenile or just don’t hold enough food for them. Until then, I will continue to pack them up when needed.


There’s not much to say about the Cup-A-Cake cupcake carrier. They hold cupcakes and muffins in place for transporting. Of course, they aren’t just for kids. Adults can certainly use them to take to work or events, too. But, I have used them primarily for my kids to take to other kids’ birthday celebrations. They are so compact, one easily fits into lunch boxes, backpacks, purses, etc.

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