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Disney Princess Vitamins Gluten Free!

Posted By Heather On March 31, 2010 @ 12:52 am In Parenting,Product Advisory | 7 Comments



Just wanted to share the good news: The Disney Princess chewable vitamins [4] (Complete Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement) are now gluten free. In the past, the princess vitamins we checked listed wheat starch in the ingredients, so we avoided them. But, when I saw them again last month, I decided to give it another try. Boy, was my daughter glad I checked them again! It says right on the label that there is no wheat and no gluten.

I took a picture of the label (posted below), in case there are other ingredients you avoid. But check out what isn’t in them: milk, lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast, shellfish, and sodium. That works for us! (Be sure to check the label before you buy them. There may still be some bottles on the shelves that contain wheat starch.)

My daughter loves to pick out the princess shape and color to have each morning with breakfast. She prefers the chewable vitamins over the gummie vitamins. However, if your child prefers the gummies, you can also purchase Disney Princess Gummies Vitamins [5]. Last I checked, these were also gluten-free.

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