Energy Bars for Kids

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IMG_4250xLast month I received samples of Can Do Kid energy bars in the mail. I love getting packages in the mail, especially when there are gluten-free goodies inside. Honestly, we don’t eat a lot of energy bars in my house, but since two of the flavors were chocolate, I was eager to try them. πŸ™‚

Timing was good, too. With the start of school and after school activities and sports, the kids need a little more sleep and a little more to eat. Sometimes an apple or banana just isn’t enough energy to get through soccer or swim practice.

My husband took some to work for sampling, while the kids and I had our own taste test at home. The bars come packaged in two small pieces, which is great for us because it’s easy to split between a 4-year-old and 6-year-old. At my son’s request, we tried the Can-illa Vanilla first. Being the chocoholic that I am, I assumed the chocolate flavors would be my favorite. Surprise! We all agreed that the Can-illa Vanilla had the best flavor.

The Can-illa Vanilla bar has a slightly chewy texture and is covered with a thin, smooth white chocolate coating. We were pleasantly surprised by the cinnamon flavor. I was expecting it to be a little bland, but I think it had more flavor than the chocolate varieties.

The other two varieties are both covered with a thin chocolate coating. The Chocolate Crunch is all chocolate with a little bit of soy crisps inside. It actually had the chewiest texture of the three bars – almost like a fudge. I actually thought that the Cookies and Cream variety had a little more crunch. The flavors of both of these were very mild. All three of the bars are made with soy, but I wasn’t overwhelmed with the taste of soy. If you have other allergies, you should know that they are also made with milk and peanuts.

The company says these bars were developed with active kids in mind. They are packed with protein (9 grams) — more than you would get from say a rice bar or granola bar (2 grams), but less than you might get from an adult, high-energy bar (20-30 grams). Each bar has 85 calories, or 170 calories for both in the package, and are low in sugar (no high fructose corn syrup). These bars are gluten-free, of course, and are made with natural, organic ingredients (70%).

We all liked these. Even my husband was looking for more to take to work. So now the problem is finding them. I looked for them at 7-Eleven and Whole Foods Market, but wasn’t able toΒ  find them in our stores. After checking their store locator, I confirmed that they weren’t in the stores near me. Fortunately, you can order online at the Can Do Kid website or at Amazon. The price? Well, they aren’t cheap, but they’re about what you can expect to pay for other energy bars.



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