Gluten-Free After-School Snacks — Menu Plan Aug. 18

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BacktoSchoolSnacksWe made it through our first week back to school. Boy, are we tired! My kids are allowed to have extra snacks at school, which is helpful for keeping up their energy at school. But, they also need snacks after school to fuel them for sports and homework before dinner.

This week’s Gluten-Free Menu Swap theme is Gluten-Free After-School Snacks. These are some of our favorite snacks. Some we eat at home, and some on the road on our way to other activities before dinner.

  • Fruit. The easiest snack for us is usually fruit. It gives the kids a quick burst of natural sugar. It’s sweet and juicy, and usually a welcome snack. Some of their favorites: fruit kabobs, apple slices, watermelon, grapes, bananas, oranges, pears, applesauce…. Don’t forget dried fruit, fruit leather, fruit snacks, and fruit rollups, too.
  • Popcorn. I usually pop it myself from kernels, but lately I’ve been buying it already popped. Skinny Pop and Angie’s Kettle Corn come in large bags and convenient, individual-serving size bags, too. We’ve also recently enjoyed trying Clean, Lean and Savvy brand of Air Popped Popcorn.
  • Pretzels. I’ve had many gluten-eating friends tell me that they prefer the taste of gluten-free pretzels. We enjoy Glutino brand pretzel sticks and twists, and Gratify’s pretzel thins. We’ve also been trying Clean, Lean and Savvy’s Mini Slim Pretzels.
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins. These little gems are nice because they’re so filling, and the chocolate chips make it such a treat.
  • Yogurt. We enjoy non-dairy yogurt at my house, so we don’t buy the yogurt sticks. But, I’m going to try making my own with these Slim Snack Containers.
  • Trail Mix. We always love having this for a snack. The kids can make their own, and is sometimes as simple as little marshmallows with Chocolate Chex. I like to make it a little more nutritious with nuts and dried fruit, but I usually add Chocolate Chunks.
  • Smoothies. These are a great way to get some extra vitamins and minerals into your kids, and make sure the kids are hydrated at the same time.
  • Energy Bars. Lately, I’ve been making my own with a variety of nuts and dried fruits. But we also enjoy Kind Bars, and find them easily at most grocery and convenience stores.
  • Cookies. I try not to offer these too often, because I’ll eat them along with the kids and I really don’t need them! For quick and easy options, you may want to check out the reviews I wrote about Gluten-Free Animal Cookies, Mi-Del Cookies, and Pillsbury Gluten-Free Cookie Dough.
  • And more! The snacks above are the ones we’ve been eating recently. You’ll find even more gluten-free snack products listed at this post I wrote about School Snacks and this one about Gluten-Free Care Packages.

Don’t forget to check below our menu for more gluten-free menus, meals, and ideas for Gluten-Free Snacks.

Celiac Family’s Menu This Week:

Baked Chicken Nuggets

Baked Chicken Nuggets

Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns

Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns

Parmesan Tilapia

Parmesan Tilapia

Monday Parmesan Chicken Nuggets, Jicama Watermelon Salad, Roasted Broccoli

Tuesday – Chicken Fajitas, Guacamole, Cilantro Rice

Wednesday – Hamburgers, Corn on the cob, Green Beans

Thursday – Spaghetti & Meatballs, Spinach Salad, Toasted Garlic Bread

Friday – Eating Out

Saturday – Baked TilapiaSpaghetti Squash, Broccoli

Sunday – Rotisserie Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts

Gluten Free Menu Swap Roundup

The Gluten Free Week: Gluten-Free
Lori is trying to keep the snacks healthy at her house. They like to eat carrot sticks with hummus, frozen fruit, apples and hard cheese, yogurt, granola, popcorn, or fruit and nut bars like Kind Bars or Larabars. Dinners at her house will be Turkey Chili, Pork Souvlaki, Baked Salmon, Almond Chicken Pesto, and Chili Nachos. Check out her full menu plan and a slide show of her family’s favorite healthy snacks.

Mom’s Plans: Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free
Melissa and her family finally got to move into their new house! For snacks this week, she’s making Banana Bread (gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free), Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, and Chia Seed Pudding. For dinners, Melissa is planning Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls, Hot Dogs, Chicken Pot Pie, Paleo Crockpot Chili, and Ground Beef Goulash. Stop by Mom’sPlan for more recipe links.

The Peaceful Mom: Simple Gluten-Free Menu
Kimberlee has some fun Tie Dye Waffles on her menu this week. She also has Very Blueberry Smoothies and Easy Cheese Quesadillas, both of which would also be yummy after-school snacks! For dinners this week, she’s planning BBQ Chicken and Black Bean Tostadas, Cheeseburger Pasta, Shepherd’s Pie, Spicy Chicken Thighs, Slow Cooker Mojo Pork, and GF Pizza. Find more meal ideas and recipe links at her full menu.

The Girl Who Couldn’t Eat Anything: eating without Gluten, Dairy, Peanuts, Oats, or Meat
Elisabeth’s daughter usually eats apples and gluten-free pretzels for snacks. She also likes to eat muffins and trail mix with nuts, dried fruit, pretzels, chocolate chips. Elisabeth also has on her menu this week Banana Bread and Paleo Chocolate Breakfast Cookies that sound like yummy snacks to me! Her dinners this week will be Pancakes with Cinnamon Apples, Tex-Mex Shepherd’s Pie, Lentil Sloppy Joes, Chef Salad, Meatloaf, Vanilla Cream Mango Milkshake with Popcorn, and Pizza.

Thanks for joining us this week. Check back next week when we share Quick and Easy Gluten-Free Meals for busy nights.

Want to join Gluten-Free Menu Swap?

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Need more menu ideas?

  • smallbuttonLaura at hosts Menu Plan Monday every week. You’ll find links to hundreds of meal plans (not necessarily gluten-free) there.
  • Or, check out some of my past menu plans.


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Those muffins sound great! Maybe I’ll make my bread into muffins and add chocolate chips!

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I forgot that I made a slideshow of healthful gluten-free snacks a while back! Here it is in case it’s helpful to anyone.


Shannon – Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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