Gluten-Free Children’s Chewable Vitamins

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Here’s another gluten-free children’s vitamin I found. Wegmans actually carries three different varieties: Complete, Plus C, and Plus Iron. Each one is labeled gluten-free and lactose-free.

My daughter enjoys picking out one of the Wegmans Wkids Plus Iron vitamins every morning. She likes to announce which animal shape and color she’s going to have for the day. I’m glad she likes them and is getting the extra iron in her diet.

My daughter still likes the CVS brand of children’s chewable vitamins, but when I saw Wkids at Wegmans I decided to try them. They may not be as enticing as Dora or Disney Princess chewable vitamins, but we pass on those because they have wheat listed in the ingredients. And that’s okay, because I would much rather pay the generic prices of CVS and Wegmans vitamins.

My son prefers the gummy vitamins and is still taking the Spider-man Gummies vitamins. I think he likes the fact that he gets to have two a day (the recommended dosage for adults and kids 2 years or older).

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