Gluten-Free Food Labeling Summit 2011

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Last week, my husband and I decided last minute to join the crowd in D.C. for the 1 in 133 event. I really didn’t think we would be able to attend, but decided that we could skip out on some after school activities for such an important event. So, I picked up the kids at school and headed to D.C. to pick up my husband and join the event.

We arrived toward the end of the cake building. The top was being placed, and the decorative frosting was being added to the sides. The kids and I even got to decorate a couple smaller cakes that were added at the bottom. We stayed as long as we could and still get the kids home to bed on time. It was a good night to reconnect with fellow Celiacs I hadn’t seen for a long time and meet some new gluten-free friends, too.

I took some photos of the cake, and a few of the kids.  I talked with Linda of The Gluten-Free Homemaker, Jules Shepherd of Jules Gluten Free, John Forberger the Gluten-Free Triathlete, Dr. Alessio Fasano of The University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, and so many more.

It really was a great event with many gluten free experts, researchers, sponsors, food manufacturers, bloggers, celiacs, supporters, etc. Also present was a member of the FDA who was there to hear our plea for federal regulation on gluten-free food labels. There really were so many other people there who were instrumental in bringing the night’s event together, but unfortunately I didn’t get all those names and titles. I guess I didn’t have my reporter hat on that night.

I’ll bet you’re wondering if there was any news from the event. I can tell you that the cake was 11’2″ tall. And, the talk about the gluten-free labeling law sounded encouraging. It was difficult to hear the speakers, especially with two fidgety young kids. So, that’s about all of the information I can offer. For more specific details of the event, read Amy Ratner’s more thorough report at Gluten-Free Living. For additional photos and videos of the event, check out the post at The Gluten-Free Homemaker.

There is still more work to do. Please show your support of the effort any way you can:

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Heather, it was so nice meeting you! I wish I had asked someone to take a picture of us together. It was a memorable event.


Heather, that’s awesome that you and your family managed to attend on the spur of the moment! I bet your kids really enjoyed helping build the big cake. 🙂 Thanks for representing all of us who couldn’t make it. Two members of my support group were there and were very excited about the event and the response. It seems it’s already making a difference as there was the FDA presence at the event itself and lawmakers are now getting behind gluten-free labeling (one Congressman from VA is making his voice heard on the subject)–woohoo!



Linda – Good to meet you, too! We’ll have to meet up again soon.


Shirley – The kids did love the cake, but I think they were just so excited that they could eat everything there. It’s been so long since we’ve been to a celiac support group, they don’t really remember what it’s like to be around so many people who all eat gluten-free. It was a good event. I hope the FDA comes to a conclusion soon. I certainly appreciate the work they’ve done to make sure GF labels are created with the right regulations. I just wish it was moving a little faster. 🙂

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