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Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

Posted By Heather On March 3, 2009 @ 6:40 pm In Product Advisory | 7 Comments


sliced bread [3]

I bake this bread weekly at our house. After trying many recipes and mixes, the The Gluten-Free Pantry Favorite Sandwich Bread Mix [4] is the one that serves our family’s needs best. I wanted a sandwich bread that my kids would eat, and this one is the closest I found to an American white bread. It’s not a soft and gooey bread, but it isn’t a tough and dry bread either. It’s easy to slice and stays fresh for a couple days on the counter.

img_2948x [5]

I bake the bread in the oven, but the packaging does have directions for making it in a large bread machine, too. As the directions indicate, I add water (but you can add milk), melted butter (you can use vegetable oil), and two large eggs. A packet of yeast is included with the mix, and you do have to let the bread sit and rise for about 30 minutes before putting it in the oven. After mixing all the ingredients together, you’ll notice that it’s the consistency of a thick, sticky batter, and doesn’t pull together like a ball of dough. I spread the batter into a 9 x 4 inch bread pan, img_2949x [6]cover the pan and let it rise for 30 minutes, then bake it for 35 minutes. The bread always turns out great.

I keep it in a bread box on the counter for a few days. After that, the bread has to be toasted to keep it from crumbling and falling apart (not unusual for GF breads!). At that point, I slice up the bread, place wax paper between the slices to make it easier to separate once it’s frozen, and put it in the freezer. Then, when we need it, we pull out a slice, pop it into the toaster, and it’s ready for spreading the peanut butter.

img_2951x [7]I should also mention that the ends of the bread, which I usually cut too small to do much with, get toasted and made into bread crumbs for use in other recipes. The bread crumbs keep well in the freezer until needed.


I buy this bread mix by the case at Amazon [4], but I’ve also found it at major grocery stores in their organic/natural or special diet sections, as well as local natural food markets. Ingredients: white rice flour, brown rice flour, potato starch, skim milk, whey, corn starch, brown sugar, guar gum, salt, and a packet of yeast. Contains milk, and may contain traces of soy.

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