Gluten-Free Tempura Recipe

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For this month’s Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger, I chose Gina at The Gluten-Free Gourmand. Her website is full of great gluten-free recipes, food reviews, and plenty of good photographs, too. I was looking for a gluten-free tempura to use for shrimp when I found her recipe for Gluten-Free Tempura. I’ve made gluten-free tempura before, but couldn’t find the recipe I had used in the past. So, I was happy to find Gina’s. I had all the ingredients on-hand, except for the glutinous rice flour. I did some research and found that you can use sweet rice flour as a substitute. Not sure it’s an even exchange, though.

I decided to make shrimp and vegetable tempura. So, I started by cleaning and shelling the shrimp, leaving on the tails. Then patted them dry with paper towels so the batter would stick better. I also cleaned and cut up broccoli; and peeled and sliced a sweet potato. I had plans to try it with onion and mushrooms, but by the time I got to them I decided I had already cut up more food than my family would eat. I was, however, surprised at how much I was able to cook with just one recipe of tempura.

Initially, the batter seemed too thin and runny. Perhaps my substitute sweet rice flour wasn’t doing the job. So, I added another 1/4 Cup of cornstarch and 1/4 Cup of sweet rice flour. That seemed to be perfect. It covered the shrimp and vegetables, but was a very thin and crispy tempura just the way it should be.

img_3646xOK, one other change I made: I didn’t use olive oil and sesame oil. I used peanut oil in my electric deep fryer set at 375° F. It really worked out well. I put a basket in the bottom of the fryer, and carefully dropped in the shrimp and vegetables. They cooked up very quickly, and I used the basket to pull them out of the fryer. I noticed in her pictures, that Gina was using chopsticks while cooking. Well, after getting hot oil splattered on my hand, I decided using chopsticks was a much better idea than dropping the food in with my fingers.

img_3659xThis recipe was really fun to make and even better to eat. I was amazed at how much food it made. My kids weren’t interested in eating it. (They just don’t know what they’re missing!) I ate as much as I could shovel in, but still had a lot left over. I wasn’t really sure how they would do as leftovers, but I wasn’t about to throw it all out. After a few days in the refrigerator, I was sure they were just going to be too soggy to eat. But, you know, they crisped right up in the toaster oven and were perfect for a quick lunch! They did even better in the oven at 375° F for 15 minutes.

img_3653xI will definitely be making this again. Though probably only when I have extra time for cooking. I spent a lot of time on preparing the shrimp and vegetables and a lot of time on the cleanup. Maybe I need to simplify my techniques and make a smaller batch!

Thanks to Gina for sharing her recipe for Gluten-Free Tempura and to Terri at Faking It Gluten Free Style for hosting the event this month. Thanks also to Sea at Book of Yum for organizing the event. Check back here for next month’s Adopt A GF Blogger, as I’ll be hosting it while Sea will be taking care of the expected little Baby Yum.

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That tempura sounds great. I have been thinking about getting an electric deep fryer myself. Do you have a model to recommend?


I’ve tried others in the past, but have been really pleased with this Presto Multi-Cooker
. It’s easy to clean, good temperature control, and comes with a basket and glass lid. You can also use it for steaming and stewing, but I usually just use it as a fryer.


Heather – I had no idea that you did this! Thanks so much for reviewing my tempura recipe! I just found out as I was revising the post and saw the link. I think your version looks even better than mine. Perhaps I should consider revising the flour quantities on my recipe! I like how your batter coated so evenly. Your photos look great, and thanks again!


Gina – Oh, that’s funny. Sorry you missed my review when I first posted it. Did I not even leave a comment on your original post? I love the recipe. And, now that I’m thinking about it, I haven’t made it in a while. I think it’s time to try it again. Maybe the kids would be more interested now that they’re a little older.


Just to let you know, glutinous rice flour and sweet rice flour are the same thing. Sweet rice flour and plain rice flour are not the same. Sweet rice is the sticky rice you find in Chinese cooking. Sweet rice is hard to find but Bob’s Mill makes it and you can order it at Amazon for a pretty low price. It does make all the difference in cooking gluten free breads and cookies.

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