Menu Plan – Back to School Week

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school busIt’s Back to School Week for the Celiac Family. For my daughter, 5-day preschool isn’t starting soon enough. And my son is happy to be starting Kindergarten this year, but he is ecstatic about getting to ride the bus! With all the excitement and changes that will be going on with sleep schedules, school, and after-school activities, I’ve decided to make it another kids’ choice menu plan. I’ve included some of their favorites as well as a couple days of fast food due to a busy weekend.

Monday – Hamburgers
Labor Day seems like the perfect day to cook burgers on the grill. We’ll serve them with French fries and Brussels sprouts.

Tuesday – Parmesan Chicken Nuggets
Chicken nuggets served with steamed carrots. I’ll get the kids to help me make fruit kabobs, too.

Wednesday – Hot dogs and Macaroni & Cheese
My kids are not big fans of Mac & Cheese. But, I’m hoping to encourage their interest, by letting them help me make it. We’ll make the Mac & Cheese earlier in the day. Then I’ll just need to heat it up quickly with some hot dogs after soccer practice.

Thursday – Chick-fil-a
We’ll be out, so we’ll be stopping somewhere for dinner. Chick-fil-a is the kids’ choice. Grilled chicken fillets, waffle fries and fruit cups for the kids, and salads for the adults. If you need a fast food meal this week, check out Chick-fil-a’s gluten-free menu.

Friday – Leftover Chicken Nuggets
Serving leftover chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes and peas.

Saturday – Leftover Mac & Cheese
We’ll heat up some hot dogs to go with the Mac & Cheese again. Serving with steamed broccoli.

Sunday – McDonald’s
Finishing up the week with a trip to McDonald’s for Happy Meals. We order hamburgers with no buns, and haven’t had a problem — except when we forget to ask for forks and knives.

Need more menu ideas?

Manda at Asparagus Thin is hosting Gluten-Free Menu Swap this week with the theme ingredient of tapioca/manioc/cassava/yucca. The only time I really use tapioca is in a mix of gluten-free flours. I use tapioca flour in my recipe for King Cake. Now I know we’re not even close to Mardi Gras, but this makes a nice breakfast pastry, too.

As always, there are hundreds more menu plans (not necessarily gluten-free) at Or, check out some of my past menu plans.



the king cake looks pretty cool!
hope you have an easy first week with your kids back to school


Had a question about chick fil a… you have been able to eat the waffle fries? I saw them listed on their gf menu, but I am concerned about cross contamination in the fryers (with the nuggets). Just wanted to get your thoughts. I have not contacted Chick fil a yet since I do not have one near me, but they are all over where my parents are at. I am doing my research now for when we go visit them. Thanks for your input.


Yadi – It’s always a good idea to ask any restaurant (especially fast food) if they fry other foods in the oil. Like you said, you don’t want the gluten from the chicken nuggets contaminating the fries. I don’t know if all Chik-fil-a’s have a fryer dedicated to french fries. However, every Chik-fil-a that we’ve been to has had a dedicated fryer. We’ve never had a problem eating there.

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