Menu Plan – June 1

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mpm121jpgIs it really June already? So much to do, so much to do…. I had good plans to get this written and posted by Sunday night. And, I was on track to do just that: I checked our pantry, and wrote out the menu and grocery list for the week. But, as I started to log in to the computer to type it out, my four-year-old daughter tugged at my arm and climbed up on my lap. Next thing I knew she was drawing pictures on the menu plan. And somehow I got distracted doing other things. So after getting the kids into bed last night, I thought I would finally be able to finish this post. One problem: I couldn’t find the menu plan (along with my grocery list) — you know, the one on which my daughter was drawing. I tried to recreate it, but was too tired to remember it. I looked all over the house, but eventually gave up and decided to go to bed. This morning at breakfast, I asked my daughter if she knew where it was. She smiled, and without hesitation told me it was under the cushions on the couch. How? Why? I don’t know, but I do love the sharp memory of a four-year-old. 🙂 So, now that I have a moment to sit down again, here’s my menu for this week.

Monday – Roasted Chicken
I’m starting the week out easy with a roasted chicken from Wegmans. Serving it with rice and asparagus.

Tuesday – Pork Chops with mushroom gravy
Boneless thick-cut pork chops, simply seasoned with salt and pepper and pan-fried with a little butter and olive oil. I’ll make mushroom gravy with the drippings from the pork chops, and serve with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Wednesday – Shrimp
My son likes cold shrimp with cocktail sauce, so I’ll leave some cold for him. My husband and I will probably saute the shrimp with some garlic and herbs. Serving it over rice with some fresh vegetables.

Thursday – Beef Tacos
I usually use McCormick’s Taco Seasoning packet to make things easy, but have been wanting to make my own. So, when Teri Gruss (aka glutenfreecook on Twitter) shared her recipe to make gluten-free taco seasoning, I thought I’d give it a try.

Friday – Leftovers
Any prepared foods left in the refrigerator come out for a pick-your-own-meal buffet.

Saturday – Out
Two parties to go to. Will probably make a fruit salad and a gluten-free dessert to take to the party, so I’m sure we’ll have something g-free to eat.

Sunday – Chicken Vindaloo
The last time my husband went to the grocery store, he came home with a vindaloo curry paste. Looks like a good day to try making chicken vindaloo.

For more gluten-free meals and recipes check out the GF Menu Swap, hosted this week by Cheryl at Gluten Free Goodness. The theme ingredient of the week is asparagus and strawberries.

Even more meals and recipes (not necessarily gluten-free) are listed at OrgJunkie.com’s Menu Plan Monday.



what a little cutie pie! Kids always have funny logic. I wish we could still understand it, life would probably be much more entertaining.


[…] Heather has an adorable 4 year old who seems to be a grocery list stealer (or hider?).  She’s got chicken vindaloo on the menu, which sounds great, and maybe she’ll share the recipe. […]


FYI, I adopted you this month for Book of Yum’s event. I made your broiled Parmesan fish. You can see my post here:

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