Menu Plan June 15

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mpm121jpgSchool is finally done for my kids this year, and summer begins! The kids and I are planning lots of fun in the sun this summer, but we’re also lining up crafts and other indoor activities for days when the heat, humidity and mosquitoes become too much to bear. Check out our latest craft (wire photo holders) if your kids need an idea for Father’s Day.

Monday – Leftovers
Yep, we’re starting our week with leftovers. Those two kids of mine have got start eating more!

Tuesday – BBQ Pulled Pork (slow-cooked)
Slow-cooking a pork shoulder, or Boston butt, then adding BBQ sauce for great sandwiches. I’m hoping to try out The Gluten-Free Homemaker’s recipe for hamburger buns and focaccia bread.

Wednesday – Hamburgers
Grilling hamburgers to use up any leftover buns made on Tuesday. Serving with corn-on-the-cob, french fries and green beans.

Thursday – Shrimp
I think I’ll try something new to get the kids more interested in shrimp. Maybe a shrimp tempura….

Friday – Grilled Steaks
Grilling steaks and serving with Asparagus and sweet potato fries.

Saturday – Salmon
Broiling salmon with a balsamic glaze. Serving with rice and broccoli.

Sunday – Father’s Day
We’ll be joining the extended family to celebrate Father’s Day, as well as a couple birthdays in the family this month. So, not sure what food we’ll be eating, yet. But, I’m thinking about bringing salads: Berry Fruit Salad and a Red Potato and Green Bean Salad. I’ll probably make a cake of some kind, and maybe another dessert, too.

Need more menu ideas?
For more gluten-free meals and recipes check out the GF Menu Swap, hosted this week by Cheryl at Gluten Free Goodness. Her theme ingredient for the week is raspberries. I hope to have some for the Berry Fruit Salad I’m making this weekend. If I can find enough good raspberries, I may even make the Raspberry Divinity Tarts I created for Sea’s virtual Baby Shower to take to our family celebration. Is that too much raspberry for one meal?

Even more meals and recipes (not necessarily gluten-free) are listed at OrgJunkie.com’s Menu Plan Monday.



love the berry fruit salad. looks perfect!


Linda’s recipe does look like a winner. I keep saying I’ll try it soon and then get distracted.


I love that you plan for left-overs. I am still learning to do this – I used to cook way to much and we had a lot of waste. It’s just my husband and me so, depending on what I make and our schedules, sometimes we have a lot of leftovers and other times we have none. And there is the occasion that something new doesn’t turn out and neither of us want to eat it. 🙂 Today I couldn’t live without my weekly menu plan – a great, time & money saving skill.

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