Menu Plan May 18

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mpm121jpgI don’t know why, but for some reason I had a really hard time coming up with a meal plan this week. I was trying to keep a balance between beef and chicken; a balance of meals that appeal to my husband and me and meals more appealing to my kids; make sure we’ve got enough fiber from fruits and vegetables, etc. But what I really wanted to decide, is what wonderful chocolate dessert I was going to make for my birthday this week. I did finally come up with a meal plan, but I still haven’t decided on my birthday treat. I’m thinking about making a Mississippi mud cake (haven’t had one in years!), but if you’ve got any chocolate dessert suggestions send them my way. 🙂

Monday – Cheeseburgers
Easy night of cooking with cheeseburgers, fries, corn-on-the-cob, and green beans.

Tuesday – Grilled Chicken
Chicken breasts simply seasoned and grilled. Serving with zucchini fritters and red quinoa (if I can find it at the store).

Wednesday – Flank Steak
I didn’t get a chance to have this last week — too many leftovers to eat up. So, I’m trying again this week. Serving with Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.

Thursday – Grilled Chicken Salad
Using some leftover grilled chicken from Tuesday to top a salad. Haven’t yet decided on a Greek salad with the feta in my fridge, or a southwest-style salad with leftover corn and black bean salad in my fridge.

Friday – Crockpot Garlic Chicken
Looking forward to trying this recipe I found on JoAnn’s Gluten-Free Recipe Archive. Serving with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli.

Saturday – Cheesesteak Sandwiches
Another leftover recipe using the flank steak from Wednesday and adding in some cheese and sauteed onions. I’ll use Against the Grain baguettes for the bread.

Sunday – Leftovers
Any prepared foods left in the refrigerator come out for a pick-your-own-meal buffet.

For more gluten-free meals and recipes check out the GF Menu Swap, hosted this week by Book of Yum. The theme ingredient of the week is zucchini, so if you’ve got zucchini be sure to check out all the recipes.

Even more meals and recipes (not necessarily gluten-free) are listed at’s Menu Plan Monday.



This Daring Baker flourless chocolate cake was super yum….definitely birthday worthy.

(I baked it longer than they said because I love it when the chocolate gets all crackly on top, mmm)

Happy Birthday and thanks for joining us this week!


I’d rather think about chocolate than balancing nutrition and everyone’s tastes, too. And it’s not my birthday. Happy Birthday! Hope you find a worthy chocolate dessert. With Sea’s advice, you should be on your way.


happy happy birthday! there are so many great chocolate options. I’m not able to eat chocolate right now so it won’t be in my birthday menu, so maybe I’ll live vicariously through you?
the recipe archive looks great!


[…] Heather of Celiac Family plans to take inspiration from Elise of Simply Recipes and adapt a recipe for zucchini fritters this week. She is celebrating a birthday this week and contemplating chocolate, but her menu reflects her attempt to balance nutrition with her family’s diverse taste buds. Happy birthday, Heather! […]


Happy Birthday! This chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake is good.
Your menu sounds good. My kids don’t like Brussels sprouts. I buy the small ones and they eat them, but they don’t like them.


Thanks. The bundt cake looks deliciously chocolate. I’ll have to give it try soon, if not for my birthday.
My kids don’t like Brussels sprouts either. I cooked up some peas for them instead. But, my husband cooked up the sprouts on the grill after watching an episode of Good Eats. Since we were grilling a flank steak, it seemed like the perfect time to try it out. They were really good, not as much flavor from the seasonings as I thought it would have, but still tasty.

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