Party Dogs!?

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Pigs in a blanket, or hot dogs wrapped in dough: Whatever you call it, they are sure to please taste buds of all ages. This idea came about as an afterthought. I was trying out Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix. I followed the directions on the package for making the crust. The recipe says it makes two 12″ pizzas or one 16″ pizza. Well, my 16″ pizza turned out to be more like 14″. So, I had dough leftover. Since my daughter doesn’t like pizza, I decided to use the dough for hot dog buns. I cut the remaining dough into four rectangles and wrapped them around uncooked hot dogs. Then, I put them onto a lightly greased baking sheet and baked them for about 15 minutes. (No pre-baking was necessary.) They turned out great. And, how did my daughter like it? Well, let’s just say she’s used to eating hot dogs without buns. ūüôā My husband and I thought they were delicious. We’ll definitely make them again. I think next time I’ll try some with a slice of cheese in them, too.

I wanted to share this because I thought it would be a great idea for a kid’s (or grown-up’s) gluten-free birthday party. Make the dough in advance, and have the hot dogs wrapped with the dough, covered on a baking sheet and waiting in the refrigerator until the guests show up. Then, pop the baking sheet into the oven and bake for 15 minutes. You could have a whole tray of these cooked and ready to serve while the kids play games, open presents, etc.

I should also mention that the pizza crust turned out very good, too! But somehow, I forgot to take a picture of the pizza we made. It was devoured way too quickly for me to even get a shot of it. ūüėČ

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Those look really yummy.
Thank-you for sharing.
Have a wonderful week.


Wow, these look great! Once a year my daughter and I would buy a frozen bagel dog from the grocery freezer, I hadn’t even thought how to recreate those yet! Thanks so much!


I made some gf pigs in a blanket recently, but haven’t gotten around to posting about it. Mine are a bit different as they don’t puff up very much. Yours look good, and you’re right, they are a good idea for a kids birthday party. Thanks for sharing it at Gluten-Free Wednesday.


Thank you so much for posting this! I was searching for an easy gluten-free recipe. I am a homeschool mom so I’m looking for recipes that don’t dominate my time. Yours is by far the easiest I’ve seen so far, and I already have that pizza crust mix on hand because I use it a lot. (and can usually by it for a cheap price at the base commissary, for those who are military, check yours!) I’m off now to go make some pigs in a blanket for lunch! We have missed having that on the lunch menu since going gluten-free!

Oh, and if anyone has had success with making this ahead of time and reheating them, let me know. Thanks!


Correction to my above post. It is “buy them for a cheap price” not “by them”. Eeks. Right after I announced I was a home school mom, too. Ha!


Tots2teen – Thanks for your comments. I hope you have as much success with this as I did. Can’t remember the specifics, but I did reheat the leftovers the following day. I put them in a toaster oven to reheat them, but I’m sure the oven would work, too. Would love to hear how it works out for you.


I wonder too if they would work to make and raise and stash in the freezer. I may have to try it. I too used to make the crescent roll hot dogs every fall. Definitely going to try this.


Great, Lisa. I haven’t tried putting them in the freezer, so let me know how it works out.


Sounds so good. I just bought that exact pizza crust and am excited to try it out ūüôā


So I was searching for a Pigs In A Blanket recipe because I have missed them ever since we went GF (husband’s gluten intolerant). I tried two other recipes and one was a major disaster. Yours was the last I was going to try, because I was just too depressed. This was actually quite tasty, however. Not the same as Pillsbury crescents, but there’s nothing the same, is there? So I tried this recipe and it was so tasty! We added a little ketchup and it was superb! So thank you thank you thank you for posting this. We love it and are so happy now that we have our Pigs In A Blanket back.


Thanks for commenting, Ashley. I’m so happy this worked out for you. You are quite right: it is not the delicate buttery crescent rolls. It’s much sturdier and certainly not as soft. But somehow it seems to fill a void. A little ketchup, mustard, or cheese added to it, makes it a fun and filling snack or meal.


Thank you for posting your results! I had the same epiphany (about the pigs in blankets) while making up a batch of Bob’s Red Mill pizza dough last night! My daughter loves these as a breakfast food, but since going GF, she has not had any! Thanks so much!


Erica – How great! Did you use the same method, or did you modify a little? I’ve tried cutting the dough into triangles, like crescent dough, but I think I prefer the rectangles. I’ve also thought about brushing the dough with melted butter or an egg wash before baking, but haven’t tried it. Always nice to have some new ideas.


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