The Princess and the Frog Birthday Cake

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Earlier this year, while visiting family in Omaha, we celebrated three different birthdays. Both my mom and sister bought gluten-free cakes at the Cupcake Island so we could enjoy their birthday cakes with them. The gluten-free cakes and cupcakes were delicious and decorated perfectly for the occasions. I hadn’t really investigated getting gluten-free cakes from local bakeries in Virginia. But when I came home, I thought I’d see if a local bakery could make a gluten-free cake for my daughter’s birthday. Surprise! Cakes by Happy Eatery in northern Virginia makes gluten-free cakes. Unfortunately, my daughter was having a lot of friends at her party, and the cake large enough to accommodate was going to cost $85-100. I just didn’t think that would fit into my budget. So, I made the cake myself.

I enjoy decorating cakes, but I was short on time this year. Rather than make the cake from scratch, I took the short cuts: Betty Crocker gluten-free cake mixes and frosting. I used four cake mixes. For the bottom layer, I combined two yellow cake mixes and baked them for about 50 minutes in a 9″x 13″ pan. For the top layer I did the same thing with two chocolate cake mixes. I used chocolate frosting between the layers, and vanilla frosting tinted green to cover the top and sides.

Now to decorate. My daughter wanted a Princess and the Frog birthday cake because Tiana is her new favorite princess. I bought the little Princess Tiana dress-up doll set that came with the frogs and firefly to help decorate the cake. That way I could quickly create a swamp and lily pads for the frogs. My daughter was pleased, and I got it done without too much time and drama.

Some of the tools I used to decorate the cake:

Want to purchase a gluten-free cake or cupcakes, instead?
Give these bakeries in the DC/MD/NOVA area a try:

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Gorgeous!!! I’m so impressed, great work! Tiana’s our favorite too.


When I subscribed to your blog, I had no idea you were in N VA, like us! Thank you so much for the links to bakeries that make GF cakes/cupcakes. It will make planning my celiac daughter’s next birthday so much easier!


Melissa – Glad to help. If you try one them, I’d love to know how it turns out.


Thanks, Michelle. The toys made it a lot simpler to decorate. And my daughter was quite pleased to have the doll to play with after the party. 🙂


Gina – Yes, it was a frugal alternative. It took an afternoon of my time, but I think I figured out that it cost about a third of what a bakery would charge. And that includes the cost of the toys to decorate, but not the decorating tools which I already had.


How beautiful, Heather! I bet your daughter was absolutely thrilled! 🙂

I’m glad there are gf bakeries, but that price really seems excessive to me. I’m sure that for a special occasion some folks are willing to pay it, but I doubt very seriously that they could have done a better job than you did!



Thanks, Shirley. My daughter did love it. She picked out the green and purple colors for decorating.


What a great job Heather! It looks beautiful, and you saved a lot of money. Thanks for adding this to the cake challenge round up. It’s a perfect fit. Would you mind adding a link back?


Linda, I knew I was forgetting something. Thanks for the reminder. And the compliment.


This cake is gorgeous. You have an awesome gift!


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